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About Us

We are a tourist company and we offer incredible and unique experiences through a quality service that promotes the cultural and natural heritage of Panama.


Other Services.

We offer options on tour packages, trips to other parts of the country, private excursions, connections to Costa Rica, Colombia or other countries in Central and South America. We are at your disposal to make your trip to Panama an unforgettable experience.


Our vehicles are reviewed before starting any tour, we also have a first aid kit in each vehicle. Over customers are covered with medical insurance.

Our Travel Guides.

Our guides are at your service and will give you detailed explanations of the sites we visit so that you may know the cultural and natural heritage of our Country. Tours are offered in Spanish, English and Portuguese.


US Interamerican Community Affairs

"Monkey Adventures Tours, are in compliance with “Corporate Social Responsibility” demonstrating that business and culture are the key for success"

United Nations

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